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We provide professional service with passion.

Main services which we deliver are described below.

If you are interested in any of the services described below, please write to us using "Support" form and we will get back to you within 24 hours on workdays.

Mapping various drugs registries

Our team of experts does mapping of local drug registry with any other drug vocabulary, including identifying gaps in local lists or decision support systems. We do initial mapping as well as mapping maintenance.

We included logical operations in our systems which were then able to learn over the past years of mapping and thus helping us to provide exact mappings faster and with better robustness.

Virtual product concept is used to match same products from different markets which then opens new approaches to medicine information and pharmaceutical demand and supply.

Interested in an offer? Send a request.

Patient name based import information support

​We do provide current information to hospital pharmacists where to order non-registered medicines for patient name based import under the best conditions.

This service is not provided until there are positive audit results and contracts are signed. Terms and conditions apply.

We keep the right to deny requests for this service at sole discretion.

Send a request via Support form.

Representing medicine information publishers

In our team we combine over 15 years of experiences and success in representing publishers of medicine information.

If you are a publisher and interested in representation in the territory we cover, we will happily evaluate your proposal.

Send a request via Support form.

Clinical decision support systems implementation

We specialize in integration implementation for various clinical decision support systems.

We do national ePrescribings, EMRs, HISs or pharmacy management systems (PMSs) integration support and validation.

We initiated, cooperated and validated over 30 implementations of Clinical decision systems embedded into workflow of prescribers and pharmacists. Most of them are up&running for at least 3 years.

Interested in an offer? Send a request.

Regulatory & quality services

Set of regulatory and quality services can be offered.

We can work as an outsourced contractor for quality management system of medicines, APIs and medical devices for your company. Set-up of tailored, fully fitting quality system which complies to national laws and EU directives will allow your company to be granted with required licenses for trading under GDP conditions.

Our clients are rather small pharma companies which see benefit in outsourcing such a service.

In countries where we don't offer this service, we can connect you to reliable local companies offering the same scope of aforementioned services.

Send a request via Support form.

Medicines pricing and availability

We developed a solution for cross-country tracking and "computer-understanding" of medicines' pricing and availability.

Unique coding of medicines allows pharmaceutical industry, payers, wholesalers and end users (hospitals, pharmacies) to utilize this information in procurement processes and daily work.

Prepaid users can login at:

Interested in an offer? Send a request.

"Flying pharmacist" as a service

We do the service "Flying pharmacist" only for well established clients and only in agreed time frames.

Service includes full scope of work - from dispensing medicines (Rx, OTC), patient counseling, dispense of medical devices, counseling on all other products in line with the rules and guidelines of particular pharmacy owner, daily ordering and alignment of orders with wholesalers, review of goods received, quality and quantity reclamation processing, invoicing and billing to health insurances. We collect full information of open orders in the beginning and publish a full report at the handover. We also draft optimization recommendations if requested by the pharmacy owner and help with improving pharmacy quality system.

This service is crucial for small pharmacies at vacation or sickness leave time frames.

Send a request via Support form.

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