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About INPHormatica

INPHormatica, ltd. has been established in 2013 to develop new clinical and other drug information systems, support their business development as well as integrate and localize clinical decision support systems.

Our focus is medicine information (administrative, pricing and clinical).

Today Inphormatica provides:

  • business development globally;

  • sales activities for drug information systems;

  • other services to support implementation of clinical decision support systems.

Inphormatica created a novel system for worldwide universal coding of medicine information and is trading it as RxPrix TM platform. RxPrix TM allows highest granularity and computer understanding of medicine properties and regulatory attributes.

Inphormatica already has many international references for our provided services and for the use of our developed products.

Who we are

We are a team of various professional profiles:

  • INformatics engineers,

  • PHarmacists,

  • programmers and researchers,

  • applied mathematicians and modelling specialists,

  • designers.


We create ideas and product specifications in-house.


Still, there are new developments in programming everyday. That's why we build strategic partnerships with individual programmers and programming companies. This allows us to grow fast and build new solutions for worldwide use.

Address and contacts

Inphormatica, LTD

HQ: Jenkova ulica 12, SI-2310 Slovenska Bistrica

Office: Tržaška cesta 495, SI-1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani

Registration No.: 6354068000 (SI)

EU VAT No.: SI10592814

Phone: +386-41-310-330


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