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Young team in prosperous business

If you are eager to join a younger team in health- and pharma-IT segment, we will be happy to review your interest and offer. Please write us about your interest using "Support" contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours on workdays.



If you are a graduated pharmacist, willing to learn and empower in healh- and pharma-IT segment for development and implementation of new systems and services as well as not finding professional medicines mapping and translation boring, write us via Support contact form.



If you are an experienced programmer with good references and a wide spectre of knowledge and skills, we would gladly review your application.

While we are looking for masters in Java (Spring) - full-stack programmers (front-end, back-end, DBs) for first group of solutions we also have needs for programmers in php/css/html/MySQL on other projects.

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