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Complete Suite of IT Solutions for medicine information

We provide multiple IT solutions for medicine information systems for various needs and customers.

National drug registries, coding of medicines, integration of Clinical Decision Systems, mapping, localization and other solutions to support clinical and administrative medicine information implementation.

IT Solutions​ for
medicine information across the globe

Mapping various drugs registries

Our team of experts does mapping of local drug registries with any other drug vocabulary, including identifying gaps at local or decision support system.

Clinical decision support systems implementation

We specialize in integration and implementation of various clinical decision support systems.

We manage national ePrescribing, EMRs, HISs or pharmacy management systems integration support and validation.

Medicines pricing and availability

We developed a solution for cross-country tracking and "computer-understanding" of medicines' pricing and availability.

Unique coding of medicines allows pharmaceutical industry, payers, wholesalers and end users (hospitals, pharmacies) to utilize this information in tenders and daily work.

Current medicine information

Cross-country interoperability

Multiple national drug registries

Common medicine information IT solution

INPHormatica LTD helps clients to get to current information through standardized and validated system 24/7, using our online portal

Clinical decision support systems are implemented 10-20 times faster using services and solutions of INPHormatica LTD compared to the same integration process being performed by the vendors themselves

We also perform final validations and systems preparations for external certification if one is required.

Medicines pricing and availability

Clinical decision support systems implementation

Mapping various drugs registries

Common medicine information IT solution

We make all the desired content accessible from a web browser or a mobile phone. Anywhere, anytime your trusted source for decision-making on medicines.

Our solution is trustworthy, used by pharma industry and governments as well as regulatory agencies across the globe.

When it comes to connecting international Clinical Decision Support System and local IT solutions, we make it happen.

Among them: National ePrescribing systems, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, Hospital Information Systems (HISs), Pharmacy management systems (PMSs) or other systems with drug entries (CPoE).

Implementations (including localization and translation) are running in various countries of Europe, Americas and Asia.

It does not matter where on the globe you are situated - should you be in Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea or Japan - we do the mapping for you.

We update the drug-lists on a regular schedule including all of the important and newly aquired information, including reimbursement, pricing, availability and regulatory status.

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